Feel free to dial in 📞

With an ever-changing office, we know that sometimes work has to be taken on the go. That’s why we’re taking our first step towards mobile support by allowing individuals to call into their RemoteHQ sessions.

Learn more on the blog and try it out!

Dial In Access.JPG

Leverage Microsoft Office in RemoteHQ!

Upload a Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint document at ⚡speed directly into RemoteHQ. View together in a work area where everyone has accessibility.

Learn more on the blog.

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Trello is now an app!

Trello can now be accessed through apps or pasted links in the chat! Project manage together without leaving RemoteHQ 😍

You can learn more on the blog!

Trello partnership smaller.gif

We've Integrated with Figma!

You can now open Figma through apps or pasted links in the chat! Quickly share files to review together without leaving RemoteHQ.

We’re simplifying your process to keep you organized 💪 Learn more on the blog.

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Google Drive: We’ve got an app for that!

Don’t want to log into Google Drive from Shared Browser? Skip the login process and launch Google Drive directly from RemoteHQ’s app gallery!

Collaborate in docs, sheets, and slides at lightning speed ⚡ Learn more on the blog.

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Automatically Prep Your Room

Tired of having to pull open the same apps you always use during each of your sessions? Us too!

Now in App Settings, you can select which apps you would like to have automatically open when entering the room. This way, your room is consistently ready for you when you get there!


Meet and Collaborate Privately

Introducing Private Rooms! The best way to meet about, and collaborate on, sensitive information with your colleagues.

With Private Rooms only workspace members that you invite to the room can see the session history, artifacts - or even that the room exists.

More details in our blog post!

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Room Activity at a Glance!

We just super-charged your room list!

Now whenever there is an in-progress session in one of your workspace rooms, you'll see a green dot next to it.

Use this to quickly find your colleagues, or maybe that meeting you're late for ;-)

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 1.11.19 PM.png

Do you see what I see?

With RemoteHQ, every participant controls what they see.

Sometimes, though, you need folks to see what you see. For those times we've added a new button that pushes your layout to the other participants.

If you have any private apps open, no worries - those won't get synced =)

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 3.19.20 PM.png

The Power of Miro With Just One Click

Sometimes we just need to jump in and start getting our ideas down. To make this as quick as possible, and in close partnership with Miro, you can now launch a Miro Board without signing-in.

Want to pull up your existing boards? No worries, just sign-in to Miro as you normally would!

Miro 2.gif