RemoteHQ updates
RemoteHQ updates

Salesforce Integration is live!

Seamlessly send your RemoteHQ session notes and data to a Salesforce account or opportunity. Learn how to use the integration on our blog. 🚀

Introducing Search

Search for anything in RemoteHQ! 🔍 Simply use the search box on the top left corner or Ctrl+f to launch. Learn more on our blog.

Apps Launcher live!

You can now easily navigate around RemoteHQ without having to move from your keyboard. Just hit Cmd+K and search for anything! 🚀Learn more on the blog or YouTube.

Audio and Asian character support on Shared Browser!

Major updates on Shared Browser are live - audio and Asian character support! 🔊 🈶 Learn more on our blog.

Record Sessions!

Introducing session recording 🎥 You can now record video in each RemoteHQ session! Learn more on the blog.

Session Recording Image_Option2.png

Introducing Mobile Mode

RemoteHQ is now supported on iOS! Communicate on the go by participating in sessions with view-only capability.

Learn more on the blog.


Mute Session Participants

A team member can now mute every participant in a RemoteHQ session🤫 Although they'll have to unmute themselves individually to rejoin the conversation!

Try it yourself by clicking 'More Actions' in your next session.


The more admins the merrier 👫

RemoteHQ now supports multiple workspace admins! Read more about this update on the blog.

Desktop - 3.png

Feel free to dial in 📞

With an ever-changing office, we know that sometimes work has to be taken on the go. That’s why we’re taking our first step towards mobile support by allowing individuals to call into their RemoteHQ sessions.

Learn more on the blog and try it out!

Dial In Access.JPG

Leverage Microsoft Office in RemoteHQ!

Upload a Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint document at ⚡speed directly into RemoteHQ. View together in a work area where everyone has accessibility.

Learn more on the blog.

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